Capacity Building
We understand that every organization has its strengths and weaknesses. We believe that if we can match the strengths of our organization with the weaknesses of others and our weaknesses with the strengths of others, we can build the capacity of all to transform lives.

We don't believe we can bring change without the help of others. Daily we seek to build partnerships with individuals and organizations, whose  visions, missions, and goals may differ from ours. However, they have the same desire to transform lives. We seek to discover how we can combine resources to transform lives and communities.


We work to transform lives and communities. We do not seek to do this by doing for others. We want to accomplish this by working with others. We believe that all people, no matter their experience,  have God-given gifts, intellect, and a desire to live a purpose-filled life. We understand that those we engage have the ability but may not have the resources or opportunity to transform their lives or their community. Our mission is to help them find those resources and discover those opportunities. 

Our Mission

We restore people to purpose through community-focused collaboration and capacity building.