The Message

Join us for worship this Saturday, August 29. 2020

Where people and communities are Restored to purpose!

At BCF, we aim to restore hope where it’s been lost. We work with those in need to rebuild and restructure what has been broken. We partner with organizations that work to restore communities through service. We help empower those we engage to influence their peers, their government, and their economy as agents of positive and prolific change. 





We take time to celebrate the fact that we have overcome. We recognize the source of every good gift and we take every opportunity to celebrate our victories..


We are here to help those we engage be restored. We want to help all thoem to find their passion and touch the world.


We are ready to step in the midst of the storms of life to help those  hurting overcome that which brings  harm to our communities.


We identify risk factors that lead to social, economic, and civic breakdowns in the community and address them before they cause harm.