The Community Lab Program

The Community Lab is a forum for  people representing diverse nonprofit organizations. It's purpose to facilitate collaboration and capacity building as members learn to influence Atlanta communities in a prolific way. The Community Lab's present area of focus is the Pittsburgh community in southwest Atlanta.  Our goal is to implement diverse and impactful programs that go beyond symptoms and focus on dealing with the root causes.

The Nation Builders Conference

The Nation Builders Conference brings people from around the country and Bermuda to engage in strategic planning focused on the development of programs that change communities. The conference focuses on programs that provide support for families, entrepreneurs, faith-based initiatives, and rite-of-passage initiatives.

The first conference was held in Atlanta in June, 2015. We just completed our latest one on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at Morehouse College. Our goal is to have an annual conference that brings community stakeholders together to plan and immediately implement initiatives to transform lives.